What should cats consume?

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By JeraldDossantos

What should cats consume?

Your cat will be happy and healthy if you give it a balanced diet. Here are the basics of feeding your cats consume.

Meat-based diet

Cats require a healthy, balanced diet that is meat-based to be happy and healthy. Cats will require a diet that suits their needs, age and lifestyle.

No human diet: The majority human food doesn’t provide enough nutrition for cats. In fact, some foods such as onions can be dangerous to cats.

Small meals, often and little: Cats naturally eat a few small meals each day. If your vet does not advise otherwise, ensure that you give your cat a balanced diet.

Please read and understand the instructions You must always follow the feeding instructions with any cat food you purchase.

Give your cat the right amount of food: What you give your cat depends on their age and lifestyle. You can adjust the amount they eat to meet their individual needs. A cat that eats too much food can become overweight, and they may even suffer from obesity. The same goes for cats who eat too little.

You should place their food and water away from the litter tray. If food is too close to the cat’s toilet, they won’t eat it.

Get water

You must ensure that your cat has water at all times. They are dependent on it for their health. If they don’t have enough water, they can become seriously ill in a matter of hours. Keep in mind that cow’s milk can’t be used as a replacement for water.

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