Pet Adoption Tips & Advice – Everything you Need to Know

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Pet Adoption Tips & Advice – Everything you Need to Know

There are millions upon millions of homeless pets waiting to be adopted by their new owners. Adopting your pet is more than just bringing in a new member of the family. It could even save their lives.

Although adoption can seem daunting, you can make it easier if there is good advice. It is worth taking the time to get to know the animals at the shelter so that you can find one who truly resonates with you. Sometimes it’s easy to find a friend quickly. It could take several weeks to find your best friend.

You should not rush the process, no matter how lengthy it may take. You can simplify the process by following these simple, but crucial, pet adoption tips

Find a pet that suits your lifestyle

Before you head to the shelter you need to choose the best pet to fit your lifestyle. It’s usually a cat or a dog for most people. However, cats are more independent and require less care.

You should consider the size of the animal as well as the space in your home. Shelters don’t have to be like supermarkets. You will have the option of different sizes and breeds when it comes to dogs. Your ideal pet could take you weeks or months to find.

Do not accept a pet that isn’t yours to care for. You will cause more stress and instability if you have the responsibility of returning a pet to a shelter, or passing them on to a family member.

Do not adopt a pet from a ‘Project Pet’ for your first adoption

When you adopt a pet for the first time it is important to avoid pets that require extensive training or needing a lot more work. A pet who has been adopted from a shelter will need more care than one that is already a regular household member.

Dogs that are anxious, sick or fearful are best left with trained caregivers.

You should trust your instincts and care enough to give the time and effort necessary to help an animal who has suffered abuse or is in need of rehabilitation. Make sure that you are willing to give up your time to care for them.

Before you adopt, find a veterinarian

Pets available for adoption are generally in good health and have undergone regular medical checks and vaccinations. However, it is important to keep a trusted vet on your phone in case of any health issues once you have adopted your new pet.

You will find the ideal vet close to you and will have positive reviews. A vet with an after-hours emergency department is a good choice.

Your Home Pet Safe

A pet is an exciting and rewarding experience. However, you should ensure that your home is pet-friendly before you go.

Some plants can make dogs and cats sick so be sure to remove them before you bring them home. Some examples include lilies (chrysanthemums), tulips and sago palms. English ivy is another example. You can check with your local veterinarian before you decide to adopt.

Before you bring a pet into the home, be sure to secure ornaments or decorations that are dangerous and heavy.

Order Your Supplies In Advance

After you find the perfect animal to adopt, make sure you have all the necessary supplies. Toys, food, toys and leashes/harnesses are all necessary. Before you bring your pet home, ensure that all of the above are in good condition.

Ask Questions

Do not hesitate to ask questions about any animal you are interested in. Shelter staff will be happy to give you details about the animal, their medical history and any previous procedures. If you feel uncomfortable with any information, you can move on to another animal.

The American SPCA estimates that 6.5 million animals are admitted to shelters every year. It’s almost a 50/50 split of dogs and cats. To save the lives of millions, we must increase the adoption rate to 3.2 million.

Adopting a pet is the best way to make a lasting impression on a pet. Be patient, take your time, be comfortable and ready to love your new pet for a lifetime.


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