South “Sonoma County Animal Shelter” Welcomes Cubs

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Officials say that three cubs of black bears were adopted by sonoma county animal shelter Wildlife Rescue during a wildfire season in northern California. Another cub may soon join the refuge.

The Wildlife Rescue, 403 Meacham Road is northwest of Petaluma has quietly provided shelter for a pair orphaned cubs from Siskiyou County over the Caldor fire. He took one home last week, and has been trying to minimize human contact with animal patterns since. His goal is for the cubs to grow and thrive in peace until a planned trip next spring or summer.

The refuge is currently preparing to house four black bear cubs, at the request of California Department of Fisheries and Wildlife. Executive Director Doris Duncan appealed to the community for support to make sure the refuge can take advantage of plans to build a bigger predator at the top. pregnant for future efforts.

Duncan sent a fundraising email Thursday saying that the cubs who arrived at Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue prior to this enclosure was constructed weren’t something we expected. These bears still need our support. Sonoma County Animal Shelter We ask you to help us in this endeavor.

The first phase of the highly sought-after predator enclosure will require a space 50 feet by 150ft. This is more than the temporary a home for cubs, which is a 50 foot by 25 foot enclosure enclosed by a wire mesh fencing. Sonoma County Animal Shelter The enclosure is expected to cost $ 250,000 and was funded by the organization with $ 90,000.

The current space is intended for coyotes or bobcats but meets minimum requirements for cubs. It occupies a section of wildlife rescue property that is secluded, allowing bears ample room to adjust to their temporary home.

Duncan stated in a telephone interview that rescuers were anxious to disturb cubs who are approximately four to six months old. They will not begin building the larger enclosure until they are released next year.

Duncan wrote in an email that “From the beginning, we have been very quiet about the presence bears at our rescue,” Duncan stated. He was referring to the bear siblings (a boy and girl) already at the rescue. “We asked volunteers to leave the area and have not spoken with them about their presence at rescue since then,” Duncan said.

Duncan stated that another bear was likely to visit the shelter and Duncan said the rescue decided to speak out to make sure the organization has the funds to expand its operations and the proper care of its animal greens.

“In the last month, it has been extremely evident how urgently needed this enclosure is. “The destruction of the California wildfires continues, leaving black bear cubs orphaned and in need of treatment in rehabilitation centers,” Duncan stated in the statement.

Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue, a non-profit organization that rescues and rehabs animals, is an example of a non-profit. The annual $1.2 million operation was established in 1981. It also participates in animal rights advocacy work, conducts awareness activities and makes charitable donations.

Duncan stated in an email that the rescue, which is one of three state-licensed to care for wild cubs (wild cubs), was looking for help with the money, food, and defense Sonoma County Animal Shelter.

Duncan stated in the statement that “Rehabilitating black bear cubs was a great honor and we are extremely honored that the department has entrusted this task to us.” We must take great care of them each day they are here, as we can’t predict their fate in the wild.


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