What’s my fish tank cleaning schedule?

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By JeraldDossantos

Keep the tank’s glass clean and shiny. Wipe the tank’s exterior, front and sides every 7-10 days.

Every couple of days, use a small net for any uncooked food. It can make a huge difference in the quality of your water and also remove any fish waste.

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Even if the tank holds 25%, it should be replaced once per month. This will keep the tank clean and help ensure safe levels of nitrate.

Make sure to treat the water after it has been boiled.

To maintain water’s pH levels, it is important to regularly check them. Our water quality testing kits make it easy and cost-effective.

Make sure to wash the gravel and decorations in your tank. They can hold dirt and waste so make sure you clean them regularly and rinse them with clean water.

Make sure your air pump works properly and is clean. It is important to change the filter as soon as possible if it needs it. This will keep your fish safe and healthy by keeping the water fresh and oxygenated.

What should I do to my fish tank?

You should ensure that the tank size is appropriate for the number of fish you intend to keep. Overcrowding can lead to more waste and require more frequent cleaning.

To ensure that your fish are safe, keep an eye on the water temperature. It is crucial to understand the warmth requirements of tropical fish so you can prepare. You should not place your tank next to a window that is sunlit or near air vents. This can dramatically change the temperature of the water you started with. The easiest way to track the conditions is with a fish tank thermometer.

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Pay attention to your fish and note any changes in their behavior or appetite. This could indicate that equipment is not working properly and the tank’s levels are changing. This could also mean that the tank is in need of a thorough clean. Fish may become intoxicated from their waste.

Keep an eye on how long the aquarium lights are left on. The light and darkness routine is just what fish need. They require between 8 and 12 hours of sunlight per day. This will allow the fish tank’s plant life to thrive. Check out our extensive range of fish tank lighting options.

Fish keeping can be a rewarding hobby. It is worth putting in a bit of effort each day to maintain the tank and ensure your fish live a happy and healthy existence.

A Guide to Cat Neutering

It can seem like torture to have your cat castrated or neutered. However, it is necessary if you want to prevent unwanted kittens from happening and if you want to ensure your cats’ long-term health.

The procedure is not as painful as it sounds, and your cat will soon be back to full health. This quick guide will help you decide if neutering or casting is right for your cat.

What is neutering?

Spaying is also known as general anesthesia and is performed under general anesthesia. It takes cats just 9 weeks to get pregnant. They will then go into the season again six weeks later. If they’re left alone, they can have up to 3 litters per year. This is bad news for their health and the cat population.

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You can neuter cats at any age. However, it is not recommended for kittens under 4 months of age. The vet will give you instructions on how to care and comfort your cat until they feel 100%. You can usually pick up your cat the same day. It could be as simple as keeping your cat in the hospital for a few days after their surgery, or getting them to wear a lamp shade collar to stop them chewing on their stitches.

What are the advantages of neutering?

Neutering kittens is not only a good thing for your cat’s health, but it also has the benefit of preventing unwanted kittens from entering your home. Neutering your cat can dramatically reduce the likelihood of them contracting infectious diseases, developing tumours, or infecting their wombs. These are the most serious health issues cats can have. It is often better to let them sleep than to give them intensive treatment.

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Also, neutering can change and stabilize hormone levels and metabolic rates in cats. This means they can be less aggressive if their tendency is to be so. It can also mean they need slightly less food, which can be important if your cat is more likely to gain weight.