A Beginners Guide to Chickenkeeping

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By JeraldDossantos

In recent years chickens have been a popular pet, whether you have one or several or a whole flock. They can be wonderful pets if we have the space and time to properly care for them. They will provide us with delicious eggs as well as a taste of the good life.

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Before you decide to take on the responsibility of looking after your chickens, it is important to understand what is involved. This guide will help you decide if chicken keeping is right for you and your family.

Where should my chickens be kept?

A Gaun Berlin Chicken House is a safe and secure place for chickens. To keep predators away, they should be kept in a closed area during the evenings and over night.

The house should have enough space for the chickens to comfortably live in and a perch. Because chickens cannot grip metal or plastic, the perch should be made of wood.

You will need to provide a safe environment for your chickens during the day. This could be an enclosed garden, or a large chicken run. They will be able to exercise and forage in a safe environment. You should be aware that predators might try to get under an enclosure so make sure it is secure from all angles.

Good quality bedding is best for chickens. It will not only be comfortable but it will also absorb any moisture, droppings, and smells. You can use straw, wood shavings or shredded paper to provide a soft surface for winter months.

You should ensure that eggs are easily accessible. This place should be dark and isolated.

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What should I feed my chickens

It is important to make sure your chickens have plenty of fresh water. You may need to change the water several times per day as chickens can leave messes in their water bowls and tip them over. An upside-down drinker will keep water flowing longer. A Supa Poultry Feeder will make it easier to feed the chickens and reduce waste.

Chickens need nutritious food that is rich in vitamins and minerals. Chickens prefer to be fed pellets, which can then be mixed with chicken grit and grains. This will ensure that they have a healthy digestive system. Because chickens don’t have teeth, the grit will get into their gizzards to break down food. Grit is high in calcium, so it will also help you produce stronger eggs.

Don’t feed your chickens leftovers from your kitchen. Their digestive systems are not designed to handle such food.

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How can I keep my chickens healthy and happy?

Chickens should be in good health with no suffering, injury, or pain. If you have concerns, keep an eye on them and call a veterinarian.

You should be aware of any signs and symptoms that could indicate a disease. This could include sneezing and coughing. Your vet can help you if your pet is losing weight or producing fewer eggs than usual.

Regularly caring for your chickens can help improve your long-term health.

Chickens are an easy-going species that can be handled gently and are gentle. Chickens enjoy being surrounded by other animals, so be sure to introduce them to farm animals and friendly pets. Start with just two or three hens. If you like the experience and the hens seem happy, you can add more. If you are away, make sure to shut the chickens down at night and bring them outside in the morning.

Your chickens will bring you joy and happiness if you provide the right environment, healthy diet, and regular cleaning.

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